Wayne Guilfoyle for District 10 Commissioner


It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I inform you of my intent to run for District Ten Commissioner. Throughout my eight years as Commissioner of District Eight, I have worked to advance this city and county, and with your support, I will do it again. To continue this meaningful work, I will need your financial support.

As commissioner, I saved our city millions of dollars and greenlighted a number of job creation and development projects. I played a major role in building the Reynold’s Street parking deck for our $100 million Cyber Center and saw the fire insurance rating for District 8 reduced which saved us all in insurance costs. There is more work that needs to be done and will be done if I am elected District Ten Commissioner. Being a business owner and Richmond County resident, I know how important our tax dollars are. I also understand the impact of the commission’s spending on your tax dollars. My vision Is for a business-minded Commission, operating with a fiscally sound budget, transparency, and greater efficiency.

I have saved our city money before, and I will continue to do so. At the conclusion of my service to District Eight, I returned the two fuel cards given to me by the city, unused. It is a personal point of pride and principle to be diligent and responsible with your finances.

When you think of me think of experience, fiscal responsibility, and commitment to our city. If you would like to donate toward a more sensible Augusta……….


For Commissioner District 10
Augusta-Richmond County